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Natural  Black Obsidian Healing Stone Bracelet w spacer beads- 8mm

Natural Black Obsidian Healing Stone Bracelet w spacer beads- 8mm

Natural Black Obsidian and Volcanic lava rock healing stone bracelet with spacer beads



Volcanic lava rock stone beads- Known for masking essential oils within the holes that last throughout the day by dropping dabs to your liking.  These lava rock stones have porous round surface having many holes and bubbles and are very lightweight. 


Volcanic lava stones are completely natural, helping to oust anger, strengthening beliefs and providing guidance, clarity and hope in difficult times;

When wearing this stone, you will be able to rid all negative emotions from yourself; 

This stone enhances your communication skills; and

This stone emits success and protection and allows you to feel at home within yourself creating more opportunities in the process of changing; and so on…


Natural Stone Tiger Eye Genuine Beads Gemstone:

Tiger's eye is believed to protect you from any kind of ill wishes and curses. It is believed that this stone was originally carried to protect oneself from all the evil eyes.  Besides increasing our self-worth and confidence, it also has various medicinal uses. It is beneficial for one's eyes, throat, and reproductive organs and helps to alleviate pain, release all the toxins from our body, helps to repair broken bones and strengthens the aliment of our spinal column. 


Natural Red Jasper Beads Gemstone:

 Red Jasper is known to be the stone of justice and fairness and it leads to decrement in injustice to you and helps you to gain favor in unfair circumstances. It is salutary for your dream work and embellishes dream recall.  It provides a defensive mechanism against toxins and cures fever. It serves as a gratuity to protect you from magic and it ricochets the abrogating energy back to the sender.


Natural Green Aventurine Beads Gemstone: 

Green Aventurine brings equilibrium, tranquility, development, fiscal abundance, solutions to predicaments, along with health and healing both physically and emotionally.  Green Aventurine therapy helps in managing diseases of the heart along with lung area with increasing overall flexibility in the muscular tissues. It's employed to boost sight.<