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[S1E20] The Siren's Song [PATCHED]

"Devil Daniels, Monster Hunter, thinks he's hunting a siren - a mythical creature whose song lures sailors to their doom. The Nektons discover it's actually a rare whale with a unique voice and race to save it from destruction."

[S1E20] The Siren's Song

On the Aronnax, Ant (still thinking he has the right fish) notes that Jeffery isn't performing his old tricks believing that he was affected by the song he heard. Ant then tells the others he thinks it was a siren a mythical creature that lures sailors to their doom, Will and Kaiko agree to turn back and figure out whatever it was that made the sound. In his room Ant is distraught over Jeffery seemingly not being himself not even following Ant where he goes, Will notices this and agrees that it's strange, Ant explains that it's been like that ever since he met Jeffery. A flashback than shows the day Ant met Jeffery, while jumping off the Aronnax Ant notices Jeffery caught in a fishing line and helps him get free by untying it, Jeffery than forms a bond with Ant. When it's time to leave Jeffery obstructs the Aronnax's path, realizing it likes Ant, Will and Kaiko agree to let Ant keep Jeffery. When Kaiko notices the scar on Jeffery's tail the scene cuts back to the present showing the unscarred tail of the other fish and Ant realizes it's not Jeffery.

At first Ant tries to get Daniels to stop the boat but because Daniels is wearing headphones to "counteract the siren's song" doesn't understand him. Initially Daniels believes the Nektons are hear to help him but when Ant jumps on the boat Daniels then sees they are trying to stop him believing them to be under the "siren's song" and shakes Ant off the boat. Ant recovers and the rest of the Nektons catch up and join the pursuit but Daniels uses a shock wave emitter to slow them down and keep them away. Using the Shadow Knight's stealth mode Ant catches up with Daniels and Disables the shock wave emitter and is then able to free Jeffery but Jeffery chooses to stay with the whale. Understanding his decision Ant resorts to a different option.

Ant surfaces next to Daniels and gives him one last chance to stop but he ignores Ant. Will then uses the Mag Knight's cables to latch on to Daniels boat and after skidding along the sea floor, gets the cables to hit a rock arch that brings the boat to an abrupt halt, causing Daniel's fly face first into his drone and lose his headphones in the process. Daniels than starts acting like he's falling victim to the siren song but Fontaine comes aboard, takes control of his cameras and exposes his act and the whale. Daniels cuts his live stream and complains to the Nektons saying that they could work together. Ant demands that Daniels release the whale but then Will points out that they can actually work together. They explain the story of 52-Blue to Daniels pointing out that the original sound came from the north Pacific Ocean, which is far away from their current location meaning they found another whale. The Nektons say they are happy to tell that Daniels found the whale if he helps them. Daniels agrees when thinks it would make a nice "twist".

Katherine McNamara's amazing new song 'Ember' is a perfect fit for this scene, as Magnus and Alec nervously greet each other at the party. Alec bravely makes the first move to repair their relationship.

'Magic' by FLOR is another fun, catchy song on the party playlist. Clary and Jace talk, and she promises not to tell anyone what happened at Lake Lyn. Luke is shocked by the arrival of an unexpected guest.

The original score for Person of Interest is composed by Ramin Djawadi. In addition to the original music, producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman select contemporary songs and instrumental music to underscore specific scenes. Popular music is chosen to add emphasis in a scene ("I'm Afraid of Americans"), set the tone of a scene ("Boom Boom"), or to sum up the story at the end of an episode ("Sinnerman"); occasionally source music is played which we hear along with the characters ("Para La Habana"). In some cases, the lyrics of the song help move the story forward ("Exit Music (For a Film)"), in the style of a music video.

Cristina is singing the alphabet song for little Tuck while changing him on the floor of the gallery. Richard comes in and notices she appears to be having trouble with the diaper. She says she has an M.D. from Stanford and a Ph.D. from Berkeley, so she can handle this diaper. He declines to take over for her and leaves.

#SirensConchSeason 2, Episode 6InformationOfficial DescriptionDiana uses a magical artifact called the Siren's Conch to hide how bad she is at singing. The song lyrics sung with the Conch make Oliver release into the city the invasive insect species that Jess was collecting.AirdateJune 27, 2021 (US)Viewers0.13 millionDirected byBrianne DrouhardBen JonesWritten byLaura SreebnyStoryboarded byCole Harrington Anna LencioniLength11minEpisode GuidePreviousNext"Super Wonder Bat Bee Zee Lantern Mobile""Anger Management"

Paige: Uh, something called eighth grade, graduation. I was supposed to sing the school song. Eight hundred people were watching, the band is playing, I get up but no sound comes out of my mouth. I completely froze. To make matters worse, I ran out and missed my own graduation.

Paige: I was supposed to sing a song for Bobby Maynard but he didn't inspire me much. So, Nate Parks... (Nate, sitting at the bar, turns around.) This one's for you. (The band starts playing.) "Never know how much I love you / Never know how much I care / When you put your arms around me / I get a fever that's so hard to bear / You give me fever / When you kiss me Fever when you hold me tight / Fever / In the morning / Fever all through the night / Now you've listened to my story / Here's the point that I've made / Fever / Do you sizzle / What a lovely way to burn / What a lovely way to burn / What a lovely way to burn / What a lovely way to burn."

In November of 1923, a Soviet composer named Arseny Avraamov stepped onto a Moscow rooftop clutching two oversized flags. His plan: to conduct an orchestra comprised of the city itself. Enthralled with the Russian Revolution's break from the past, Avraamov envisioned a music of the future made from a strange choice of choirs: factory sirens, barge foghorns, soldiers' footsteps, artillery fire, workers songs, steam whistles, and proletarian shouts. Together, it was music. Every city had it. Only how to arrange it? 'The Symphony of Sirens' was his answer.

But no effect has been as world changing as that original innovation: freezing music in time onto a recording, where a single version of a song, a single performance of a song, became the song. An inherently mutable method of communication was fundamentally changed. 041b061a72


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