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Term Lab Software Cracked

Term-LAB Software ED: A Guide for Sound Pressure Level Measurement

Term-LAB is a software and hardware system that allows users to measure the sound pressure level (SPL) of their car audio systems. Term-LAB is used by professional and amateur competitors in various SPL competitions, such as dB Drag Racing, Bass Race, and Psychlone. Term-LAB can also be used for personal tuning and testing of car audio systems.

Term-LAB consists of two main components: the Term-LAB interface and the Term-LAB software. The Term-LAB interface is a device that connects to the USB port of a computer and receives signals from one or two microphones. The Term-LAB software is an application that runs on the computer and displays the SPL readings, graphs, and other features.

Term Lab Software Cracked

Term-LAB Interface

The Term-LAB interface is a small box that has a USB connector, a power LED, a status LED, and two microphone inputs. The interface can be powered by the USB port or by an external 12V power supply. The interface can work with one or two microphones, depending on the software edition. The microphones are calibrated to ensure accurate SPL measurements.

Term-LAB Software Editions

The Term-LAB software is available in three editions: Rebel, Magnum, and Event Promoter Pro. Each edition has different features and capabilities, as shown in the table below.




Event Promoter Pro

Number of microphones




SPL display modes

Peak, Average, Max Hold

Peak, Average, Max Hold, Dynamic Peak

Peak, Average, Max Hold, Dynamic Peak

SPL graph modes


SPL vs Time, SPL vs Frequency

SPL vs Time, SPL vs Frequency

SPL meter skins


Basic, Customizable

Basic, Customizable

Data logging and analysis




SPL competition modes


Bass Race, Psychlone

Bass Race, Psychlone, dB Drag Racing

The Rebel edition is the most basic and affordable edition of Term-LAB. It is suitable for users who just want to measure their SPL with one microphone and do not need any advanced features or competition modes.

The Magnum edition is the most popular and versatile edition of Term-LAB. It allows users to use two microphones for more accurate SPL measurements and offers various SPL display and graph modes. It also enables users to customize their SPL meter skins and log and analyze their data. Moreover, it supports two SPL competition modes: Bass Race and Psychlone.

The Event Promoter Pro edition is the ultimate edition of Term-LAB for event organizers and promoters. It has all the features of the Magnum edition plus the ability to run dB Drag Racing events. It also allows users to connect multiple Term-LAB interfaces to run multiple lanes or stages simultaneously.

How to Use Term-LAB Software ED

To use Term-LAB Software ED, users need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Term-LAB software from the official website or from the online shop. Users need to activate the software using the 32-digit code provided with their system.

  • Connect the Term-LAB interface to the USB port of the computer. The power LED should illuminate and the status LED should flash every 2 seconds.

  • Connect one or two microphones to the Term-LAB interface, depending on the software edition. The microphones should be placed in the appropriate positions inside the car, according to the competition rules or personal preference.

  • Launch the Term-LAB software and select the desired SPL display and graph modes, meter skins, and competition modes, if applicable.

  • Play some music or test tones from the car audio system and observe the SPL readings and graphs on the computer screen.

  • Adjust the volume, equalizer, crossover, and other settings of the car audio system to optimize the SPL performance.

  • Save, export, or print the SPL data and graphs for future reference or analysis.

For more detailed instructions and tips on how to use Term-LAB Software ED, users can refer to the online training module or the user manual that comes with the system.


Term-LAB Software ED is a powerful and user-friendly system that allows users to measure and improve their SPL performance. It is designed for both personal and professional use and supports various SPL competition modes. Term-LAB Software ED is a must-have tool for any car audio enthusiast who wants to take their sound system to the next level.


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